New Year, more comfortable skin

Well now, Happy 2015 followers/casual readers! I hope you all had a good New Years Eve and Day wherever you are and however you celebrated it.

As the New Year dawns it is of course the perfect time to take a breath and take stock of where I currently am and where I would like to be this time in 2016. I’d say I was a reasonably ambitious man and would hope to at least achieve one of these to consider 2015 a moderate success. So without further ado here is a list of ‘resolutions’ which would help to make my skin fit a hell of a lot more comfortably.

1) This one I admit is impossible, so this will be my only wish to be a different person. Regular readers of this blog know that I have a rather impressive list of disabilities, mainly physical, slightly mental. If I was able to radically change bodies for the next year, I guess I would choose to spend a year out of the only period I will enjoy ever in existence in a body that isn’t spectacularly limiting/abuse fodder for utter troglodytes. I’ll be the first to acknowledge that I can do pretty much anything that a ‘normal’ person can in my current state, but it would be nice to spend a year unencumbered from handicap. (that’s it for the melodrama, promise! The rest of the list is more ‘typical’ for New Years’)

2) Lose weight/build some muscle – the most stock of stock New Years resolutions, but it is one that I feel more prepared to fulfil. I dont think I could ever become a full-on fitness fanatic or become essentially a walking muscle (I love food that is terrible for me and real ales far far farrrr too much), but to lose some timber and sculpt some muscle on my arms would do me right down to the ground. The health aspect is obviously also part of this resolution (although I wouldn’t class myself as dangerously overweight as things stand) but mainly it’s just for aesthetic purposes. Despite the above, I am still guilty of a little vanity. I could stand to have a healthier diet as well, I’d like 2015 to be a year where I feel and look better than ever.

3) Read more – It’s not that I don’t already read as things stand, I do read as it is. My problem is simply that I am keener to watch TV/go on my laptop/X-box than sit down and read a good book. There are several books in my possession that have simply gone unread, I want 2015 to be the year that this is resolved. By NYE 2015/6, I want to have read every unread book I own. I want to be a more well-read and consequently more interesting person. Because right now I am honestly a little dull.

4) Follow the news closer/keep up with current affairs – for similar reasons to the above, I could stand to be lot more interesting, the only thing I’m really ever up to the minute on is football. Whilst I am usually aware of what’s going on in the world (and mildly annoyed at people who aren’t) There’s never any harm in keeping a closer eye on the news, trying if possible to get several perspectives in an effort to try and keep an open mind.

5) Be less afraid to express my opinions/take positions – I really need to start expressing these more often on social media for example. I am not a man who enjoys confrontation admittedly but I feel this year I should be more forthright, obviously whilst trying not to be too obnoxious or self-righteous about anything. A subsidiary of this resolution is to ensure that I research stories as much as possible so I can take a properly informed position that can stand up to inevitable scrutiny. I need to be more prepared to fight my corner if needed as attempting to appease everybody pleases no-one.

6) Blog more – I have about 5 blogs running on my WordPress, 4 of which will now consist of cobwebs, they are that neglected. As somebody who enjoys writing and would like to work in more creative roles/industries, perhaps even to go into writing itself, it would make sense for me to actually fill these blogs. One is dedicated to reviewing the (intentionally) terrible films that my gran gets me every Christmas for example. I love watching terrible films and I also dabbled in film criticism a little, why not write about them? Another blog is about one of the bigger loves in my life, football. Why not fill this blog in more often? Yes I do fear my work being torn apart by others, but how can I improve as a writer if I never let my musings be read by others. Blogging more would give me the chance to experiment some more as well as to test it out on an audience.

7) ENTER THAT DAMN COMPETITION! – Applies to two contests here; the Bridport short story/flash fiction/poetry competition, something I’ve been meaning to do now for a couple of years, entry doesn’t close until the end of May so plenty of time to craft something. The second is that I did say I’d put my name in the ballot for the Great North Run, it is something I feel I’m fit enough to do and I really do kinda fancy it, also gives me an excuse to go running and get fitter, so do it!

8) Make it a successful year at work – I was fortunate enough to find work last year with a new offshore supply, service and repair company, and this year I want to do my bit in helping this be a big year for their growth. This would also help my professional growth in a big way.

If I can achieve all or most of these things (barring the first one obviously!) I think I could make my own skin so much more comfortable to live in. So much so that I don’t think I’d ever want to leave it again!


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