Do Today.

In short, there are times when you should wait and times when you should Carpe Diem. Currently, as I sit here writing this blog (and when writing the deeply personal previous Daily Post response) I have been taken back to times where I perhaps waited too long to do something, like enter short stories for competition or running for Students Union positions, only for deadlines to pass. There are times when you just need to jump straight in and follow your heart/desires. In the modern labour market, the emphasis is growing more and more on people being proactive rather than reactive. Rather than waiting for job offers to come along, it would be more worthwhile to volunteer to help out on projects, to help get your face and your work known. This is certainly something I wish I’d done whilst at Uni, just gone out and done rather than sit back and wait for whatever reason.

However, as I said at the start of the blog post, there are things that in my eyes are worth waiting for. Those things being truly rewarding relationships. I say this as a single man, but nevertheless, the best relationships are those which have been crafted over a long period of time. Relationships need time to build, time to allow those involved to learn everything about each other, to be able to look past the physical attraction and to build a mental connection as well. Relationships need time for people to discover each others’ foibles, weaknesses and insecurities and to learn to love the other for them. In love, good things do indeed come to those who wait, you will find the right one in the end and will be forever grateful for the time you invested.


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