Test before you request!


The year is 2214, and some intrepid antique collector purchases the dusty old murky hard-drive of your humble narrator. In his curiousity, he purchased the strange mythical relic and immediately teleported home to show his Kryten-esque android and demand answers. What is this? How did those savages in the 21st Century get by using such basic technology? Who do you think owned it? The android offers to run the hard drive through his oral socket. What do you think they would find?

First of all that this hard drive once belonged to a gentleman by the name of Anthony …

The contents indicate that he was a youngish man, I would also assume he was single, given the presence of this risque material.
He must have worked from home, in some kind of marketing capacity, this drive is littered with databases and quotes and enquiries etc. He must have had a penchant for writing, as there are several stories here. However he must have been quite unfocused as these don’t appear to ever have been finished. During the period of time the hard drive covers, he must have been a desperate job seeker, as there are several copies of his CV. Evidently he enjoyed periods of ‘fun’ (the spending of time in a profitless, non-practical way) in between his work/failed storytelling, as I can detect several saves of an old game known as ‘Football Manager’ (clearly he spent a lot of profitless time on this!)

Upon completion, the android regurgitated the relic and handed it back to his owner. ‘Sure is fascinating to see what life was like back in the 21st Century huh sir?’

Should this ever really happen, I’d be genuinely curious to know how those in the 23rd century would view how we lived back here in the 21st?


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