Our anniversary


Today is indeed a very special day, it is the anniversary of the relationship between myself and WordPress. A relationship that began when I was a young(er) ambitious blogger, looking forwards to hooking up with a site so that I could pour out my thoughts, write considered opinion pieces/reviews/talk about my love of football.

Throughout my search, I tried other sites such as tumblr (of which my account is no longer accessible) and blogspot (or blogger). But in the end, I only really ever had eyes for one particular blogging site, and here we are 5 years later.

Like many new relationships, the passion burned brightly. I was a maelstrom of creative thinking and I was grateful to share it all with my newfound blogging love. Unfortunately as time went by, the interest began to fade, the ideas were becoming stale, we had nothing to talk about anymore. I felt we needed to take a break, to let me recharge my creative batteries and to rediscover my love of writing (and of WordPress).

After I graduated from University, I felt I had become a more interesting, thoughtful and considered character. With this newfound creative buzz I sought out my one true blogging love and it was like we had never been apart. The passion flowed from my fingers like it had done the very first time we met, I was able to once again articulate my thoughts and feelings to WP, and we’ve never looked back since…

Yes, today is indeed a special day. Like typical married couples however, I completely forgot what day our anniversary was on, and WordPress was the one who had reminded me, I’m so sorry baby!

Indeed, today is indeed a special day, and I hope for many many more with you WP! Happy anniversary! X


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