Culinary Yin and Yang

Naturally my first instinct (as I suspect many peoples’ would be) would be to rid my buds from all the horrible, negative tastes in the World.  Like an ideal world, I would create an ideal taste palate without sourness or bitterness.  But then I got round to realising that perhaps a world where I would not sample bitterness or sourness would not be complete.

It’s like food Yin and Yang, if I could not ever again taste bitterness, then could I ever fully appreciate what is sweet?  Bitter tastes have to exist in order to amplify that which tastes sweet whilst sweet exists to amplify the sour.  Again, much like the World we live in; the best way for us to appreciate the sweetness in the world is to unfortunately wade through the bitterness.  The taste palate would be much the worse off if we closed it off to either the sweetness or the sour, to blind ourselves to one half of what the world has to offer…

…Then I remembered that this was probably far too much thought to put into a prompt about food and I opted for getting rid of the sense of spicy.  Whilst I love a good curry, I mainly enjoy ones which aren’t as spicy, so I could probably live in a spice-free world…


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