A space in which to free the mind


For me, a good writing environment can be anywhere in which inspiration strikes and I have a tool to capture these sudden bursts of creativity on (tablets are a damn godsend btw).  I have been known to write on the train, in the solitude of my room or even whilst enjoying a delicious hot mocha! (my poison of choice, that and real ale of course!) 

But, in probably the most boring response the Daily Post will receive today, I have to say that I work at my best when at my desk (or any designated area of work for that matter, such as an office, or a library etc.)  I openly admit that I find it incredibly difficult to focus when in an area not designed to work in.  Even when sitting in my room, (where I am currently sat writing this piece for you now) there are too many distractions which can stifle any creativity.  

The biggest example of this would be back in the University days (I really hark back to them far too much, those Glory Days really do pass you by…).  I would always, always work in the Library complex.  My best working environment would be to head over at night, get out of my room with the sweet distractions of X-Box and TV, and head over to an area designed to work in.  Occasionally I would put a football game on, but otherwise I would plug the headphones in, play some music and let the words flow from my fingers onto the screen, heaven!  In an ideal world I would need a small office of my own, a small space with a desk, chair, laptop, a bookcase and some speakers to help create an ambience fit for creativity.  


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