Right to Brag?


Honestly, I’ve never been one for ‘blowing my own trumpet’, so to speak.  Perhaps that may be a reason that I have not had too much success in the job market since graduation, because I am not particularly skilled at selling myself.  

Part of the reason for this I feel is down to a perceived lack of actual achievements.  I don’t feel that anything I have ever done in my 22 years stands out as something to brag about, I don’t feel particularly special.  Not that I have anything against the principle of bragging of course, sometimes people can achieve really great things in their lives and it is only right that they are happy to shout these from the rooftops!  The only issue I really have with it bragging is when it is used to denigrate others’ achievements, it is one thing to have pride in your achievements but it is another thing to be arrogant.  

This blog is about self-reflection however, and after a bit of said self-reflection, perhaps I do have something to be proud of after all.  When I was born 22 years ago, I was born into this world without a right hand or foot, the hand I do have is still the size of a small childs’.  Adding to this, from the age of 7 onwards, I was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome and yet, and yet.  I became the first person ever in my family to go to University and subsequently graduate with a 2:1.  I have managed to impress on a graduate placement within Local Government.  As well as this I am physically capable as well, in my lifetime I have climbed mountains, roamed the moorland and had football/soccer trials (well trials for trials but still, I’ll take what I can get.)   Whilst I still don’t think I’ve achieved anything really worth bragging about, perhaps the fact that I have managed to lead a reasonably successful ‘normal’ life thus far is within itself, a pretty damn decent achievement.  I’d feel better if I had a job of course! 


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