The Night porter of my own mind…

I have to say that I am more of a night owl than an early riser.  

Being brutally honest, I have to say that I’m not at my very best in the early mornings.  Quite misanthropic, lethargic and need plenty of time (and caffeine) in order to settle into the rhythm of the day.  Whereas at night, I become much more lively and my creativity begins, ideas form in my head and my brain tends to go haywire.  This is perhaps a lasting side-effect from my time at Teesside, where I would head over to the library to pull night sessions, which to be fair also was because the library was so much quieter at night, much easier to focus that way.  

Saying that, in my recent employment as a graduate placement I actually found that I functioned better in the mornings.  This could partially be down to the fact that I had an hour and a half journey to get there, meaning that I could discard my cantankerous morning demeanour before strolling into the office (and also partially because I genuinely enjoyed working there.)  I can see me becoming more of a morning person as my career progresses as well, when I come to the workplace with fresh ideas and fresh impetus to carry them out.  

Even so, it is still at night where ideas come to me, ideas for blogs, stories, poems and ideas for life.  My brain runs into hyperdrive once I climb into bed, ideas which do unfortunately dissipate when I rise the next day, the memories forgotten or the inspiration dissipated.  If my mind was a hotel, I would be the night porter, always opening the door to fresh ideas, taking inspiration from the glittering canvas of the night sky. 



2 thoughts on “The Night porter of my own mind…

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