From junk food to junk in the trunk

Not that I’m one of these men who cares a jot about the size of my trunk or anything, but snazzy poetry titles!

This list can go on for hours! I, like many others, do enjoy junk food.  For something that’s so bad for your health,it just tastes far too good.  If anyone remembers the Fast Food Song, the chorus read like a junk food junkies wet dream! 

McD’s, Subway, BK, Greggs, Pizza Hut (although as a student, non franchised pizza shops offer decent quality for much less), fish and chips, any Ginsters product, be it sandwich, pasty or roll. and on Real Ale society nights, a lovely curry and sometimes a piece of chocolate fudge cake with ice cream.  And of course, the world-famous Teesside parmo, the lifeblood of my University years.  

Of course many of you will not be au fait with the culinary Michaelangelo that is, the parmo.  Essentially it’s a pizza made out of chicken, topped off with blechmel sauce and cheese, and of course additional toppings should you so desire (pepperoni was the boyo for me!)  

I do have a sweet tooth as well mind, Krispy Kreme, reeses pieces, and so much more.  All washed down with chocolate milk/milkshakes.  

Fortunately I try and balance it out through healthier eating and drinking water, as well as exercising regularly. But that wasn’t the purpose of this blog, so I shall embrace the lard! Pass me the doughnuts and the Leffe! (Gorgeous Belgian blonde beer) 

‘Lets eat, to the beat’


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