Why did I give my heart so fast, it never will happen again…


…some Sam Cooke for my readership there.

Anyways, 16, 16, 16… Last year of High School I believe (although with my birthday being in May it probably was nearer the end). Beginning of the rest of my life, good times.  

Except I wasn’t a particularly good person, particularly.  Not that I was ever terrible/criminal, but I just wasn’t the man I am today.  At 16 I was hot-tempered, very reserved, almost wallflower-esque by nature.  I was to some extent a bit of a bully, which who wouldn’t when they hear relentless taunting around their disability, most was implied but the worst was in-your-face explicit.  

I was a lustful young chap who fancied most of the girls in my year at some point or another, usually people teased me about that as well, but that was all in some good humour at least. (Although some things rarely change :P)

But, overall I guess I much prefer the person I am today to the boy I was at 16.  The environment and the people surrounding me have changed so much since those days (for the better) and I just feel a better, more confident/extroverted man.  


3 thoughts on “Why did I give my heart so fast, it never will happen again…

  1. Sixteen was such a awkward age. We were trying to find out who we were while thinking we were grown. I agree I prefer the person I am today. Now had I known what I know now when I was sixteen. . . .

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