The only thing that looks good on me is….

As Bryan Adams once sang, ‘the only thing that looks good on me, you.’  Unlike Mr Adams, I do not have much ‘you’ in my own wardrobe, however what does look good on me…are suits.  

Actual suits mind, not tracksuits.  Which to my mind were the height of fashion at 15, so much so that I would frequently wear tracksuits when going out and would consider it to be ‘decent gear.’  Often times I look back on this decision with a mixture of despair and disgust, through bouts of hideous cringing (not the only thing from back then which fills me with awkward cringing, but those are tales for another blog). 

Albeit, I will laze around in tracksuit pants and shirts (simply because they are damn comfortable) but whenever I go out anywhere, I opt for the tried and tested t-shirt, jeans and jumpers combination.  The height of fashion this is not, but it’s good casual option which suits me right down to the ground.  I have also flirted briefly with the idea of buying chinos to go with my shirts, but generally I don’t feel I can go too far wrong with a good t-shirt and jeans combo (t-shirt and garish shorts in the summer, and trust me, I have some garish shorts!)

But my personal favourite outfit, the confidence one has to be the suit! I bought a lovely three piece suit for my graduation and it gives me great pleasure to find an excuse to wear it.  I have developed something of a stylistic renaissance in this fashion, that I now get enjoyment from looking (somewhat) smart as opposed to looking scruffy, encapsulating what one would condescendingly name ‘northern rough’.  So yeah, the confidence outfit for me has to be a good suit, I do love to scrub up, even if I do scrub up terribly! 


3 thoughts on “The only thing that looks good on me is….

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