Every breath you take…


Well, it was a song about obsession…(currently listening to it as I write this, for obsession-related inspiration)

Obsessions though, everyone to a greater or lesser extent has them, whether they be with some activity, some form of entertainment, or even someone.  My greatest obsession is of course, the great sport of football/soccer, especially wonderful during a World Cup year.  I am a fervent Newcastle United fan, through thick and thin (emphasis on the thin, the fortunes of NUFC feel like they’ve fallen victim to the Steven KIng gypsy curse…) Of course I will also watch any form of football televised; mens, womens, Premier League, Championship, Champions League, Skrill Premier.  The obsession stretches back to the Champions League final of 2005, the great Liverpool comeback in Istanbul.  It encapsulated everything which I now love about the beautiful game, spirit, tenacity, a never say die attitude, and above all, an against all odds victory.  Naturally ever since watching that game and reinvigorating my love of Newcastle United, the fates have conspired to take us from the jaws of Champions League and title races to mediocrity, relegation and comedy defenders.  C’est la vie.  (Incidentally come on England! Also incidentally, this years anthem is dreadful…)

Another obsession of mine is Cinema, in particular terrible cinema.  Conversely I run a sister blog devoted to awful cinema (One Pound Wonders) although it is a project which has been woefully neglected.  The plan is to review some of the terrible films which I’ve got in my DVD collection – I challenge you to find a worse film than Gladiator Cop incidentally, dreadful.-  Once I can find an appropriate style and tone then I’ll probably get posting and sharing these reviews!  As for the better side of cinema, regular wittertainee here, best show on radio (for cinema at least!) 

I have many more obsessions to share with you all, but I’m sure you all don’t have that much time! 


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