The Night porter of my own mind…

I have to say that I am more of a night owl than an early riser.  

Being brutally honest, I have to say that I’m not at my very best in the early mornings.  Quite misanthropic, lethargic and need plenty of time (and caffeine) in order to settle into the rhythm of the day.  Whereas at night, I become much more lively and my creativity begins, ideas form in my head and my brain tends to go haywire.  This is perhaps a lasting side-effect from my time at Teesside, where I would head over to the library to pull night sessions, which to be fair also was because the library was so much quieter at night, much easier to focus that way.  

Saying that, in my recent employment as a graduate placement I actually found that I functioned better in the mornings.  This could partially be down to the fact that I had an hour and a half journey to get there, meaning that I could discard my cantankerous morning demeanour before strolling into the office (and also partially because I genuinely enjoyed working there.)  I can see me becoming more of a morning person as my career progresses as well, when I come to the workplace with fresh ideas and fresh impetus to carry them out.  

Even so, it is still at night where ideas come to me, ideas for blogs, stories, poems and ideas for life.  My brain runs into hyperdrive once I climb into bed, ideas which do unfortunately dissipate when I rise the next day, the memories forgotten or the inspiration dissipated.  If my mind was a hotel, I would be the night porter, always opening the door to fresh ideas, taking inspiration from the glittering canvas of the night sky. 



From junk food to junk in the trunk

Not that I’m one of these men who cares a jot about the size of my trunk or anything, but snazzy poetry titles!

This list can go on for hours! I, like many others, do enjoy junk food.  For something that’s so bad for your health,it just tastes far too good.  If anyone remembers the Fast Food Song, the chorus read like a junk food junkies wet dream! 

McD’s, Subway, BK, Greggs, Pizza Hut (although as a student, non franchised pizza shops offer decent quality for much less), fish and chips, any Ginsters product, be it sandwich, pasty or roll. and on Real Ale society nights, a lovely curry and sometimes a piece of chocolate fudge cake with ice cream.  And of course, the world-famous Teesside parmo, the lifeblood of my University years.  

Of course many of you will not be au fait with the culinary Michaelangelo that is, the parmo.  Essentially it’s a pizza made out of chicken, topped off with blechmel sauce and cheese, and of course additional toppings should you so desire (pepperoni was the boyo for me!)  

I do have a sweet tooth as well mind, Krispy Kreme, reeses pieces, and so much more.  All washed down with chocolate milk/milkshakes.  

Fortunately I try and balance it out through healthier eating and drinking water, as well as exercising regularly. But that wasn’t the purpose of this blog, so I shall embrace the lard! Pass me the doughnuts and the Leffe! (Gorgeous Belgian blonde beer) 

‘Lets eat, to the beat’

Why did I give my heart so fast, it never will happen again…

…some Sam Cooke for my readership there.

Anyways, 16, 16, 16… Last year of High School I believe (although with my birthday being in May it probably was nearer the end). Beginning of the rest of my life, good times.  

Except I wasn’t a particularly good person, particularly.  Not that I was ever terrible/criminal, but I just wasn’t the man I am today.  At 16 I was hot-tempered, very reserved, almost wallflower-esque by nature.  I was to some extent a bit of a bully, which who wouldn’t when they hear relentless taunting around their disability, most was implied but the worst was in-your-face explicit.  

I was a lustful young chap who fancied most of the girls in my year at some point or another, usually people teased me about that as well, but that was all in some good humour at least. (Although some things rarely change :P)

But, overall I guess I much prefer the person I am today to the boy I was at 16.  The environment and the people surrounding me have changed so much since those days (for the better) and I just feel a better, more confident/extroverted man.  

Every breath you take…

Well, it was a song about obsession…(currently listening to it as I write this, for obsession-related inspiration)

Obsessions though, everyone to a greater or lesser extent has them, whether they be with some activity, some form of entertainment, or even someone.  My greatest obsession is of course, the great sport of football/soccer, especially wonderful during a World Cup year.  I am a fervent Newcastle United fan, through thick and thin (emphasis on the thin, the fortunes of NUFC feel like they’ve fallen victim to the Steven KIng gypsy curse…) Of course I will also watch any form of football televised; mens, womens, Premier League, Championship, Champions League, Skrill Premier.  The obsession stretches back to the Champions League final of 2005, the great Liverpool comeback in Istanbul.  It encapsulated everything which I now love about the beautiful game, spirit, tenacity, a never say die attitude, and above all, an against all odds victory.  Naturally ever since watching that game and reinvigorating my love of Newcastle United, the fates have conspired to take us from the jaws of Champions League and title races to mediocrity, relegation and comedy defenders.  C’est la vie.  (Incidentally come on England! Also incidentally, this years anthem is dreadful…)

Another obsession of mine is Cinema, in particular terrible cinema.  Conversely I run a sister blog devoted to awful cinema (One Pound Wonders) although it is a project which has been woefully neglected.  The plan is to review some of the terrible films which I’ve got in my DVD collection – I challenge you to find a worse film than Gladiator Cop incidentally, dreadful.-  Once I can find an appropriate style and tone then I’ll probably get posting and sharing these reviews!  As for the better side of cinema, regular wittertainee here, best show on radio (for cinema at least!) 

I have many more obsessions to share with you all, but I’m sure you all don’t have that much time! 

The only thing that looks good on me is….

As Bryan Adams once sang, ‘the only thing that looks good on me, you.’  Unlike Mr Adams, I do not have much ‘you’ in my own wardrobe, however what does look good on me…are suits.  

Actual suits mind, not tracksuits.  Which to my mind were the height of fashion at 15, so much so that I would frequently wear tracksuits when going out and would consider it to be ‘decent gear.’  Often times I look back on this decision with a mixture of despair and disgust, through bouts of hideous cringing (not the only thing from back then which fills me with awkward cringing, but those are tales for another blog). 

Albeit, I will laze around in tracksuit pants and shirts (simply because they are damn comfortable) but whenever I go out anywhere, I opt for the tried and tested t-shirt, jeans and jumpers combination.  The height of fashion this is not, but it’s good casual option which suits me right down to the ground.  I have also flirted briefly with the idea of buying chinos to go with my shirts, but generally I don’t feel I can go too far wrong with a good t-shirt and jeans combo (t-shirt and garish shorts in the summer, and trust me, I have some garish shorts!)

But my personal favourite outfit, the confidence one has to be the suit! I bought a lovely three piece suit for my graduation and it gives me great pleasure to find an excuse to wear it.  I have developed something of a stylistic renaissance in this fashion, that I now get enjoyment from looking (somewhat) smart as opposed to looking scruffy, encapsulating what one would condescendingly name ‘northern rough’.  So yeah, the confidence outfit for me has to be a good suit, I do love to scrub up, even if I do scrub up terribly!