No School like the New School!

Excellent prompt this one. 

As a kid I was a huge fan of games such as Theme Hospital and Theme Park World (this does have a point, I promise).  I always found it interesting to see how, if I was given the position of responsibility I would run an institution.  I remember wishing there was a Theme School, just to see how I would indeed run one.  

Education:  I would give my teachers as much creative freedom as possible, the best way to teach anything is to be engaging and passionate.  I want all of my teachers to have a real passion for their subject and I want them to create lessons which will both excite, educate and inspire.  I would strip back the importance of exams for as many subjects as possible and turn them into majority coursework subjects  One of the problems people have with the education system is that kids are simply taught how to pass exams, they are never given the opportunity to fully engage with the subject material.  With coursework-only projects, children would be given the opportunity to engage more closely with whatever they enjoyed most in the subject.  Exams would still be given, to ensure that kids are still given a fully rounded education in each of the subjects, but the importance would be stripped back, perhaps a 60-40 split respectively.  The point being I want kids to be inspired and engaged in their learning rather than being preached to by the priests of AQA.  

Nutrition:  One solution to the problem of unhealthy school meals, I feel is for the school to strike a partnership with a local farm, for a annual sum of money, the farm would provide my school with an annual supply of; meat, fresh and locally sourced fruit and vegetables, milk (I’d reintroduce free school milk, especially for the younger students, they need the calcium).  Wheat for freshly baked bread.  (I’m aware this probably isn’t entirely feasible, but this is a blog and MY ideal school).  

Discipline.  Simply put, zero tolerance to bullying. I myself was bullied at school, admittedly not as badly as I could have been but still, any confirmed incidents of bullying will lead straight to isolation and then a discussion about why they feel their actions are appropriate.  I’d place emphasis on discussion, so that everyone gets the chance to explain themselves.  

Sorry to ramble on so much but meh, like I said, the fun is in the detail! 




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