The best way to Learn…

Personally, for me the best way to learn is by doing or working in groups.  There is no better way to test your knowledge of a subject than in an environment where ideas can be bounced around and your position on a topic can be intellectually challenged, which can in turns exposes you to other ideas and viewpoints, which encourages critical thought, something which I feel we as a society need much more of.  Group learning also allows you to enhance your debating skills as you present your case to others within the group.  Group and interactive learning experiences allow you to demonstrate the skills which you are acquiring in a practical setting as opposed to a theoretical situation, which makes the transition from education to the ‘real world’ that much easier.  

Despite this however, I cannot deny the importance of book-learning as well.  Throughout my degree, I spent a LOT of time poring through books and journals.  Reading allows you to broaden the horizons and dig deeper into subjects which you are interested in, sometimes it can be worthwhile reading up on a subject first before entering a group environment.  The best way to learn for me to engage, not to be passive.  During lectures for example, I would generally drift off into a daydream state, simply because I am not a passive learner, I functioned better in seminars and classes where I would be engaging with the subject material.