What a Character!


After a bit of thought about this, I have settled on one of three characters who I would like to meet, each for different reasons.

1) Hamlet- Simple reason, I’d love to just discuss his thought processes throughout the play.  His character is so infinitely malleable that every Hamlet you ever see on stage or on film is strikingly different.  I’d love to sit down and talk about those events and how he actually felt! Yeah, simply just to pin down the character once and for all (although I’d ruin the fun for future scholars of Shakespeare…however, I’d be a hero to every school child up and down the country!) 

2.) Falstaff – Not all of these characters are Shakespearean I promise, but how much fun could you have spending a day with Falstaff.  Fat, laviscious, mischievous, the sort of bloke you could happily enjoy a pint or five with down the pub.  He’d appeal to my more ‘blokey’ side.  

3.) Alex DeLarge – Sure the guys a thuggish rapist, but at the same time, his appreciation for art and his manners are simply incredible!  You could learn a lot about human nature from a lunch with Alex, would also be a good man to discuss matters of justice with.  Just so long as those damn freeloading grannies don’t turn up with him! 




The Gift of Gifts…



If I were to hand out treats to my fellow bloggers, They would probably be a very British cup of tea and a scone (scone is pronounced like s-con, rather than s-cone, not like sc-oh-ne).  Failing that, I’d give everyone a beer and drink to their good health and best wishes for the holiday period! From Halloween to New Years is probably for me the best time of year, people just seem to be a lot happier and more content.  It’s the party season as well! So those who knock on my virtual door can expect to grab a beer and a toast for the upcoming Christmas season.