Totally addicted to bass (and 999 other things…)

I was recently disturbed to learn that over the course of owning the PC game Football Manager 2012, I have accrued something like 310 hours playing it.  310 hours of my life I could have spent doing something more useful, surely.  Before now I’d probably have said no to be honest, for a start I’ve had the game for nearly two years, which averages about an hour or less per day.  Secondly, when I played the game, it was usually during University holidays, where I didn’t really have much more productive to do (because whenever I had more important things to do like read, research or write, I generally did those things first).  Even now I’m on the eternal quest for employment, I will first make sure I have applications waiting or being processed before I settle in to shape the fortunes of Newcastle United (from Gateshead to Newcastle in two years? career progression you can only dream of in the real world 😦 ) 310 hours sounds a lot, until you sit and realise that it’s merely an accumulation of all the spare hours I have had (which I probably should have spent reading instead, but hey ho).

A more serious addiction which I suffered with was similar to what somebody else posted which was chatroom addiction.  That was the worst, spending almost a year of my life, when I was in Sixth Form as well mind you, where I would sometimes sneak into a spare toilet at break-time and sit and snatch a few private moments with people I never have and never would met/meet.  That was probably the worst addiction I’ve actually ever had in my life.  

Fortunately I don’t have any serious addiction issues to deal with

I only smoke sporadically (like twice in my lifetime, both times I was quite drunk at the time.

I don’t use any drugs (A few of my housemates did, and to be honest when I had that trip to Amsterdam I wish I had partaken, but I just would rather stay in my ‘comfort zone’ of alcohol, I am ridiculously sensible…)

I admit to drinking heavily, but that is on occasion, even when I was at University.  I probably acknowledge, thinking about it that I did go out and drink a few times a week.  But few of those times were serious ‘sessions’.  Monday quiz would be accompanied by a pint or two.  Thursday was Real Ale society meeting night, which included a few pints of ale (and going out afterwards, after society finished).  Yet despite this I wouldn’t say there was an addiction, mainly because I knew that work would always come first, that I could not go out for a few weeks to stay in the library and get cracking on with some of my essays.  I also know that I can comfortably go without touching alcohol for a long time, and I do try to maintain a fairly healthy lifestyle inbetween drinking sessions.


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