Mid-season shift


Brace yourselves.  Winter is coming…

Right, now we have that meme-y cliche out of the way, I absolutely love winter! Probably because I still retain a child-like love of Christmas, possibly the best holiday of the year.  Halloween is no fun if you’re not a kid or can’t go out in costume on the drink.  Bonfire night is always OK, but never anything to be celebrated, but Christmas is always, always good fun! Whether it’s simply because it satiates my greed for the year or whether it’s down to a love of family, I’m never sure, but I definitely love winter!

My love of winter could be down to excellent childhood memories of the season! Starring in the school Christmas play (my turn as KIng Herod has surely gone down in legend!), to going down to my grans to go acorn hunting, to even something as simple as an annual taste of chocolate-orange cheesecake, there’s always been something about Winter which makes me a very happy man.   It’s just a brilliant, brilliant season.  A season in which people seem to be a lot happier and more relaxed, unless of course that’s just that’s just how my experience of the season has played out. 


5 thoughts on “Mid-season shift

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