there’s a world outside your Windows…

As fun as it is sitting here, emptying my clustered thoughts onto this blog and sharing them with the wonderfully creative minds who also inhabit this blog-o-sphere, every now and again, you gotta unplug and go out into the world.

When the sun shines bright in the sky for example, nothing feels better than going outside to bathe in the luxuriant golden splendour of the sun’s rays, maybe enjoying an ice cold cider or two.  When a friend calls, it’s worth unplugging to go outside and enjoy the adventures which you will embark upon, after all, nothing beats human interaction.  

When the dog scratches at the door, you gotta unplug to take the little guy out for walkies, luckily I live out in the countryside so I can take the dog anywhere and marvel at the outstanding natural beauty that’s on show.  Beauty which cannot be replicated by a laptop.

After a year or so of work I hope to go and teach English abroad, I will have to unplug then too.  Unplug and go explore the world, bathe in a brand new culture, meet a whole swathe of new people and make some memories to last me a lifetime.  

The main point being, there is a world outside your Windows, and every now and again, it makes sense to unplug, to disconnect from the viral world, and revel in the marvel which is planet Earth (although not today, it’s far too wet outside, virtual world it is ;))


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