aaaaaand relax…

You would not believe the sheer amount of times this has happened in my life.  Much of it is insignificant and trivial, but I guess that’s just the way I am.  

Usually it’s dreams.  I can have a fairly scary dream in which something frightening happens (nothing hideously scary but the sort of dreams where I’m glad I wake up and do exhale, hard).  These dreams can range from the classic one where I lose my clothes and have to try and sneak home, clad only in boxers to dreams about failure, rejection and illness to either me or my family.

Whenever it happens in real life it’s usually small things, but as I’ve already mentioned, i do sweat the small stuff, a ‘gift’ I think my Mam bestowed upon me, issues with student finance, having my e-mail account hacked etc…  Also I have a job interview tomorrow, which I am alternating between feeling calm and panicked, hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to ‘breathe’…

All in all, I consider myself extremely lucky that all I have to get worked up about are small, petty issues which really in the grand scheme of things don’t really matter, and I thank my lucky stars that my life by and large is trouble-free.  These exercises put things into perspective for me, because I know that there are people in the world who don’t have the sweetest luxury of ‘and relax…’ For those, there is no ‘waking up’, but more fear…



3 thoughts on “aaaaaand relax…

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