Shift in styles

Style is the name of the daily post game today, and for me, I’d say my style has changed considerably in the past few years.

When I was a school-age youth, I had an urge to dress up in tracksuits and trainers, to imitate the style of the ‘chav’ culture.  Which I thought looked cool and ‘hip’.  Looking back now however, I realised I looked like an idiot, a damn idiot! Not that I have issues with tracksuits or anything, just that I don’t think it’s really appropriate to go out in one throughout the day. 

My style nowadays is shifting more towards casual, with jeans, shirts and t-shirts being the order of the day.  Summertime consists of brightly coloured shorts and shirts.  I like a nice, colourful summery style.  Whereas in the winter I like jeans, shirt and a jumper.  I also have discovered a fondness for suits.  I have a cheap(er) one which I bought for an awards dinner and I have a fairly expensive one which I bought for my graduation.  I love the look in a suit, and the sense of class it brings.  I see my future being filled with suits!

I’m not a man for labels or branded products, because when it boils down to it, most brands are just plain shirts with a name stamped onto them, hardly worth the extra money!  As long as something is comfortable and looks good, then I’ll happily wear it.  I admit to taking more pride in my style than I once did, but I couldn’t bear being a fashion snob, fashions change far too quickly to justify wasting money on trends, stick to what you feel good in, and don’t ever feel like you have to follow trends! 


8 thoughts on “Shift in styles

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