To be or nt 2 B

The band Busted once boasted of visiting the year 3000, a whole 900 years later than 2100.  What was their experience of the future?  That things had remained the same pretty much, except life had got a little wetter as we appear to share a fate with the lost city of Atlantis.  (They also seemed to appreciate the aesthetic appeal of my great great great granddaughter, which was a little creepy if i’m honest…)

They never mentioned any change in the language we speak, neither a deterioration or an improvement, so perhaps all will be well in 2100.  Then again….

when Busted wrote ‘Year 3000’, it would have been roughly 2003, 2004 time?  They could not have envisaged the pure horror of ‘YOLO’.  The written word now seems to be an inconvenience to people, seeing as how they are now stripping away certain letters to streamline communication, even going so far as to write in acronyms, because writing phrases is such a waste of about half a minute! 

I suspect in the future we will be using Orwellian newspeak, because spaces rthenxtfing2followntrmsofstppngdwnlngge…

bleak times indeed…


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