Great prompt today! 

So, what does make a great teacher?

One who can teach the student more than how to pass their exams, one who can get their students to think critically and question, question, question.  

A great teacher also has to be one who can engage all students all the time, one who can keep their focus and entertain as well as educate.  Whether it be the first class Monday morning or the last class Friday afternoon, a truly great teacher will keep those kids focused and interested in the subject at hand.  Some will say teachers should not be entertainers but solely educators, but I for one believe that introducing a little laughter into classes is a surefire way to keep the kids invested. 

Passion for your discipline is also key I feel to a great teacher.  I was fortunate enough to have several great English/Drama teachers in high school, the reason I now hold a degree in English is down to the passion and enthusiasm shown by my teachers in their early days.  Those classes were always filled with laughter as well as plenty of learning.  Kids can tell the difference between a teacher who cares about their subject from a teacher who is just doing the job ‘for the holidays’ and those who don’t care are not great.  You need a certain emotional investment in the job to be great.  

Of course great teachers aren’t just in the classroom.  I feel parents can also be great teachers, by instilling into their children a sound set of moral values.  Great parents ensure their kids are respectful to all members of the community, steering them away from evils such as bigotry and violence.  Great teachers are those who can mould and shape our youth into adults we can be rightly proud of, intelligent, respectful and tolerant.  


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