Inner Strength?

I am one of the most reluctant people to ask for help, or at least one of the most.  In spite of being born with autism and several limb deficiencies, I just point blank refuse extra help.  

In some way I put this down to my parents, who have encouraged me to be independent and encouraged me to lead a ‘normal’ life, which to be honest, I do.  

In my mind, asking for help is a sign of weakness, almost like becoming a burden on others.  I think it is also a part of my strive towards ‘normality’ that hinders me from seeking help, like I want to experience the same conditions as everyone else, ‘special treatment’ in my eyes seems unfair.  I was offered scribes and laptops for school exams, and I almost always refused, I didn’t want to have what I perceived to be ‘advantages’ over every other kid taking the exams.  

Nowadays I think I’m more accepting of help, because I’ve come to realise that everyone needs a helping hand from time to time, whether ‘normal’ or disabled, and that I’m glad to live in a world where so many friendly hands exist 🙂


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